Our Team

Eagle Income Tax Service is a small business dedicated to helping with your individual tax needs. Whether you’re a full/part time employee, contractor, sole proprietor, rental property owner, student, or expat living abroad, then we’re the tax pros that can give you the support you need! Our small team is fiercely dedicated to your success at tax time and in the long run.

Stephanie Zaide Senior Tax Accountant Chicago

Stephanie Zaide
Founder, Senior Tax Accountant

I’ve been a proud small business owner since 2009 and have worked for small businesses since 2003. I have nearly two decades of business and operations management experience, starting from when I worked as a retail manager in my teens.

After several years working in the field of accounting, financial services and real estate for a small business, I decided to specialize in income taxation, which fits my personality well. The complex problem solving, focus, and attention to detail that the challenging field of income tax preparation demands are the reasons why I’m truly passionate about what I do. My clients find me easy going, approachable, and level-headed, even under high-pressure situations, because I find solving problems for my clients exciting – especially during tax season!

Beyond the office, I love spending time with my husband and kids, and traveling the world with them. And, as you’d find when you visit our office, I’m an avid fan of Snoopy!

Romy Avila Senior Tax Consultant Chicago small business

Romy Avila
Senior Tax Consultant

My career started with a real estate sales and property management company, where I managed its rental properties and supported its brokerage division. I quickly grew interested in the income tax side of the field, so learned all I could.

After over two decades of experience, I decided to specialize in tax preparation involving businesses and rental properties, both of which are popularly considered the most complex in our field. Having had several years of knowledge and experience in the property management side of real estate enables us to approach tax returns strategically with precision.

Fun fact: I hold a degree in Civil Engineering and worked toward my MBA while living in the Philippines before moving to Chicago in the early ’90s. I’m a big Chicago sports fan, and a huge car aficionado, especially Lexus!